! ADYAR PROTEST ! CAA#NRC# NPR# ( FIGHT 4R AZADI ) ____ All praises and thanks are due to the Almighty, Yesterday's historic gathering at Adyar, Kannur would not have been possible without HIS blessings on the people of MLORE .. # Team B-Human # would like to give a special shot out and heartfelt thank you to The Muslim Central Committee for organizing this event with the cooperation of many organizations in Mangalore ...... We thank each @ every donor for providing the gathered crowd with water , water tanker to take on the afternoon heat .... We thank the Adyar Masjid Jamath @ local youth Teams 4r their full 24/7 cooperation during the course of the event. We thank the media for their coverage of this event, and the medical teams for the provision of 8 Ambulances with Doctors on sight. We salute the spirit of volunteers who did a splendid job throughout and the participants who made sure to offer timely help and participate in the success of this event Massive event # ADYAR CHALO # Special Thanks to the boat owners from Bengre and Ullal, for accommodating more people to reach the venue in the spirit of this National Resistance Movement against CAA, NRC and NPR. We thank the police personnels and fire department for standing by throughout the event to ensure crowd's safety .... And above all, we thank the kindhearted, generous crowd for being so well mannered and maintaining decorum throughout the event, under the burning afternoon Heat .... Once again, thank you to EVERY soul who made this event a grand success. # JAI HIND 🇳🇪 #