B Human and Hidayah Foundation team visited Snehalaya

AS A part of Eid milad and Diwali , team of b-human and Hidayah foundation visited Snehalaya and spent time with the mentally ailing neglected, abandoned people ...

Aren't the mentally disabled people humans? They do feel hunger, cold and heat of the weather and pain. They roam around the streets due to their mental condition. The services of the 'snehalaya' who help these people are very special and priceless.   Mr. Joseph crasta of the 'snehalaya' and the 'B human' crew helped a lot of people roaming in the streets. By picking them and care taking .... 'snehalaya' protects over 100 mentally disabled people and has helped over 300 patients to live a normal life. 'B  human' provided financial support to the 'snehalaya'. Mr. Asif Deals of the 'b human' was very impressed by the kindness and generosity of Mr. Joseph crasta and he stated that  "it requires a beautiful and kind heart to help the people in this manner and this is indeed 

Whoever is willing and interested to help the people can 
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