B-Human Teamvisited Mr. Narayana from ullal was fatally injured due to a fall

On the occasion of Eid milad @ Diwali several people received immense support and help from b-human @ Hidayah foundation team visited several poor families of the district and showed extreme kindness and generosity towards them by helping them in various needs in this visited one fly of Mr. Narayana from ullal was fatally injured due to a fall and is in the state of coma. Since 1 year He was the only bread winner of the family. The family was in a total mess due to his condition. 'Be human' under the leadership of Mr. Asif Deals, visited Mr. Narayan and offered him 87000rs to clear off his debts which was a loan his fly did for his medical treatment and they were unable to pay due to thier present condition as he is in coma and still not recovered , also 'Hidayah foundation gave monthly ration to the family for an entire year and promised to take care of the total medical expenses. During this visit the high Court advocate Mr. Muzaffar Ahmed stated " there should be no discrimination regarding caste and religion while helping others, their struggle and pain should be the only factors to be considered.' B human' is trying to build a friendly environment in Mangalore which will bring everyone together. On the occasion of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh)'s birthday month ,the pain was taken away from our neighbours".

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