CAUSE 103-Team B-Human helps a young girl afford heart surgery

CAUSE_103 God bless all the donors who helped @ Supported for the Successful Heart Surgery of the Kid #Aisha_Annath By the grace of Almighty the heart surgery of #Aisha_Annat, a one-year-old daughter of Altaf, who works as a labour in Ullala, Mangalore, has been Successful the recovering child was discharged yesterday after the surgery to alleviate a problem in the baby's lungs All of You have a share in the prayers of that child's family. All of them have helped to attain the piety of God. All those who have donated by the grace of God will be rewarded for giving new life to baby Aisha Annat May Allah grant u grace to grant you more of a blessing to all those who have helped the child's fly in need we have delivered a small favor How sweet was its reward. This is called life. The purpose of the Team B-Human is to keep the human relationship alive.