CAUSE 104-Team B-Human helps a Cancer Patient Umesh Salian

Now it is wrong to say that #Umesh_Salyan could have survived if he had received better treatment The reason is that we cannot stop or write the fate #Team_B_Human* Rather than striving to save a life, that life is what it wants us to live. Millions of people are dying every day on this earth without food, water, or treatment. We are witnesses to all those deaths. #Umesh_Salyan, who sold all his wealth and helped him with the desire to live , is leaving us today #Umesh_Salyan's fight against Gallbladder Lung cancer which eventually reached his Lungs Totally Failed to cope up in ICU @ ended His fight His son endured hardship and failed to save his father. #Team_B_Human* assisted donors immediately after they found out about the condition Earlier, when there was no large-scale treatment done it was difficult but the only way was to fill them with courage, Money - No matter what people do to help no one can afford life The fate included #Umesh_Salyan May God grant peace to his soul Thus, hundreds or millions of people are in trouble every day without the right kind of treatment and Money We #Team_B_Human* has done the service as a reward from God our team has donated 50 thousand rupees to Salyan's Hospital bill thats what We can do to a life-saving philanthropic service Rest only the life-giver is the Almighty God Such scenarios get in front of our eyes for us to examine ourselves and Learn , It would be wrong now to say that Umesh Salyan would have survived if he had received better treatment early The reason is that we cannot afford to stop the fate Of person *RIP*