CAUSE 109-Team B-Human Helps Rs.1.70 Lakh to Cancer affected husband and Heart disease Wife

CAUSE_NO_109 Cancer affected husband - Wife in heart disease, will be blessed by God to help this family in a pathetic condition * Allah tests the true believers the most. Disease - Difficulty - Fear - Hunger - Poverty these are the reasons why we are humans to bring us closer to God. This family is now under the test in Allah. This is the opportunity for these people and those who help them to become a part of God's love. Abbas, a resident of Kabaka, is undergoing treatment for cancer, his wife is undergoing treatment in the hospital for a heart-related disease. In this pathetic situation of husband-wife, poverty is also a companion. When * Team B-Human * examines Abbas and his wife Zubaidar's condition, the treatment of Zubaidar's heart was just a bill of Rs 3.5 lakh. They can't afford this bill amount. On the other side, husband suffers from cancer, spends every month on treatment and medicine, this family mother who is out of debt is now in the hospital without being able to afford the treatment amount. Abbas who has only two daughters has no support other than Allah. Wife's heart surgery is the second shock to the person who suffered a cancer while the vehicle of a family life with girls is going on. Fifty-eight year-old Abbas, who couldn't even work at one place, is now frustrated with suffering. Wife had a problem while radiation treatment for mouth cancer was underway. Now the wife * k. M. Lakhs billed for * being treated, studs have been put in C Jyothi Hospital. Now they have no money to discharge. Friendly donors, along with financial help to discharge this mother, it must be an effort to comfort her family situation. If we respond to someone's hardship and pain, Allah will remove our difficulties. He protects our dangers. In the name of Allah, give the help that you can to this family, * Team - B Human