CAUSE 110- Team B-Human Helped to Mother Mumtaz for Emergency Operation Who Was Admitted with head nerve problem

There is a sorrow and worry that we seriously think about in the story of Mother Mamtaz Team B-Human Cause-110 The treatment amount of hospitals is now crossing lakhs. That is not limited to one lakh or two lakhs. The billing above ten lakhs has disturbed the family of poor and middle-class patients. It seems that hundreds of patients are spending their time in the hospital's bed after this lakh bill's terrible disease. The tragic story of a woman named Mamtaz Sharif, who has not been able to pay the bill amount of nine lakhs from the last twenty days after getting treatment in First Nuro, is a self-assessment story. How did Mamtaz get treatment in first neuro. After seeing the total of lakh bill, the mother was ignored by everyone close to her. Even the drunkards could not pay their mother's bill and ran towards the hospital. Husband, sell everything he had, pay ten lakh bills, not able to adjust the remaining nine lakhs Stopped at the hospital gate and started crying. Knowing this, Team B Human team told the donors about Mamtaz's status. Several donors who responded immediately asked to release the mother by giving about six lakh rupees to First Neuro Hospital. One and a half lakh discount from the hospital has been made on the recommendation of Tim-B Human team. Mamtaz didn't get the chance to go home for the remaining amount. The mother who is already suffering a lot is like spending her day in tears in the hospital bed for her helpless condition. If Memon Group paid one lakh seventy thousand, Jameetul Falah paid 25 thousand to pay six lakh rupees for bill amount through Team B Human. Bhatkal Jamaat has given 25 thousand, Team B Human has given 2 lakh fifty thousand rupees. Even after this, the mother could not be discharged. At this situation, Team B is facing economic problem amidst the daily need of ten patients while trying to discharge human. Every day there are calls for the release of patients. How to write a bill of lakhs of rupees? The community needs to think very seriously. Health awareness, hospital treatment information should be obtained early. Awareness campaign should be conducted in every Jamaat in this occasion. Already providing health information and treatment guidance through Wellness Hulp Line. Asif Deals, founder of Team B - Human has requested that everyone should take advantage of it