CAUSE 111-Team B-Human helps a 2 Year old Child for a successful surgery

Team B-Human #Cause-111 Kinya Umar Ustad's two year old child Hakeem's surgery was successfully done Umar Ustad was financially backward and immediately responded to his child's treatment by Team B Human's cooperation with donors and help from Yenepoya Hospital. Now the baby is completely cured. Thanks to everyone who helped. So much work needs to be done in the health sector in the community. Everyday Muslims are suffering from one kind of disease. From small children to elders, women are also suffering from a very serious disease. In a community where financially backward people are high, we see them striving without money for treatment. They are also selling home-property. Helping through crowd fund too. We are now experiencing our financial loss for the sick community. It is very important for every household to take care of health or get health information in this situation. There needs to be a change in food and daily activity. Precaution is the best medicine for disease. Increase the remembrance of God, take care of health Umar Ustad's child was discharged after a successful surgery. The baby is healthy. May God bless all those who cooperated Team B-Human