Team B-Human took the initiative to Felicitate

Team B-Human associated with Hidayah Foundation took the initiative to Felicitate Mr. Shukur Haji ( president Kallege Jumma masjid puttur ) Mr. Abdul Samad ( President Nri unit Kallege puttur ) Mr. Abdul Rashid ( president young men's Puttur ) Mr. Imthiyaz Parle Of ( wellness helpline ) Mr. Hanif Uday ( Member kallege jamath puttur ) Mr. Abdul Samad (the Proud Father who taught his 2 Daughters to be doctors in spite of all hardships, Indeed it was an overwhelming moment and an inspiration to Us, All these Nobles were FELICITATED For Uplifting the poor @ Rendering service for the betterment of the community, Rank students from puttur were also Felicitated and we're encouraged to take up for higher education, The two Doctor Daughters of Mr, Abdul Samad was an inspiration to these Rank students