Team B-human visited Rehab Paschim Old Age Home For Destitute in Nehru Nagar Ullal

Team B-human visited Rehab Paschim Old  Age Home For Destitute in Nehru Nagar Ullal.
As planned We packed lunch for the 15 staff + 103 inmates in those most were senior citizens , while we started to interact with them about their life story @ their daily life. They were very keen in telling thier past life incidents ,by listening to few of them We spent almost 3 hours it was a wonderful time v spent with them.
Their stories were very emotional. 103 inmated having different  emotional @ tragedy stories. Which brought tears in our eyes ,
We found in that 103 ppl there were 8 muslim residents 55 Hindus 40 Christians also There were 30 womens Some of them were above 80 years of age. Some were put or thrown out by thier own children @ here we saw that for many parents were not more important than thier status @ money , these ppl need love @ affection what thy r not able to get from thier own blood ....
Which v Saw The dedicated staffs  doing a wondreful job. They were treating them  like their own family , With food , medical and other needs But with great difficulty however Paschim Rehab trust manages to pay the salaries of 11 staffs members and  the expenditures like Rent , Ration , medicines etc
Alhamdulillah B-Human Team supported in small way by donating  Rs. 25,000/- for their Ration @ in future promised to support for the dedicated service what Paschim Rehab trust is doing for humanity