Formation Of Al-Qassim Buraidha Unit In Saudi Arabia By Team B-Human

Team B-Human Formed Its 2nd Unit In Saudi Arabia. Local Businessmen, Doctors And Other Members Have Joined Hands To Support Team B-Human Since Its Formation In 2016 And All The Services Undertaken. The Meeting Started With The Recitation Of The Holy Quran By Sri Khader Kanangar. The Chief Guests Are Sunni Yuva Jana Sangh President Dr. Abdul Rasheed Sakhafi Presided Over The Meeting. Addressing the Gathering, He Suggested That Helping The Needy Without Any Caste Discrimination Is The Most Pleasing Work To Allah. Mr. Bashir Al Falak, President Of Team B-Human Jubail Unit Gave A Detailed Explanation About The Ongoing Projects In India. Nawaz Deals And Latif Farangipete Organized The Program Brilliantly At Nuhaima Compound. Mr. Asif Deals, Founder Of Team B-Human Expressed His Heartfelt Thanks To All The Members Who Participated For Spending Their Precious Time For The Good Of The Organization And Siraj Ermal Greeted All The Guests Who Came To The Meeting.