Team B-Human Helps Bike accident victim-Sadiq

Sadiq of Suntikoppa , aged 19, his leg was broken in a young man bike accident, in a coma condition with a serious box to his head. A car has crashed into a bike he was riding. Sadiq has been taken to Mangalore hospital. Poor family does not have financial ability to treat Sadiq. On this occasion, the team - Human and Wellness Help Line team has come to help Sadiq. Still young age young man, the organization has appealed to the doctors to give all kinds of treatment to Sadiqs condition to survive. Already had a leg operation. About to have a head operation. Sadiqs treatment has already spent lakh rupees and still needs lakh rupees. Knowing that Sadiq is his brother, you all should help him with his treatment. May Allah protect us from such a situation. Accident - protect us from deadly disease. Pray for Sadiq and deliver your help to give him the treatment he needs to be cured.